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Braxton's quickie for the day...

To Anna: I’m a healthy woman who’s wed to a loving husband. Our sex is quite good, fulfilling almost every need. My period transforms me into a naughty, selfish girl who wants nothing to do with him. During these 3-4 days, I crave masturbation. My favorite way is to soak in a nice bath while I spray all over my clit with a hand-held shower. I can easily come up to 5 times before I’m satiated for the evening!

All of this came crashing down on me last night. Apparently I was quite vocal while climaxing and he heard it from our bedroom next door! He became furious because I had refused him sex earlier in the day. I don’t think I can make him understand this sexual mood swing that hits me every month. Do you think that stimming together could work as a compromise for our situation?

Anna: Rest assured that you’re far from alone in your menstrual mood swings. Talk with your partner and try your best to explain what you’re feeling every month. Then discuss stimming as a time-of-the-month alternative. Most men don’t have a problem with female solo sex, but they do like to watch whenever possible!

Deluxe Couple's E-Stim Kit

Link: https://higbystim.com/products/deluxe-couples-e-stim-kit

Written by Braxton Higby — October 06, 2016

Braxton's quickie for the day...

To Braxton: Ever since her menopause, my wife finds intercourse lasting longer than 10 minutes to be painful. We have adapted by deciding to forego all efforts to achieve her orgasm during intercourse. Instead, I focus strictly on reaching my climax during our 10 minute “window”. Then I masturbate her slowly until she gets off. (She loves a slow pace because it makes her orgasm more intense.)

Our routine was working for us, up until a few weeks ago. As we discovered later, the culprit proved to be a new drug her doctor prescribed. Now she tells me that my hand still feels good, but it no longer puts her over the top. Is this the end of her orgasm or could e-stim bring it back?

Braxton: If she says your hand still feels good, then there’s a good chance that e-stim can work its magic! I recommend the woman’s kit so that you can deploy a combination of clitoral / vaginal stim. Given her vaginal sensitivity, be sure to use plenty of electrode gel to avoid any possibility of irritation.

Woman's E-Stim Kit

Link: https://higbystim.com/products/womans-e-stim-kit

Written by Braxton Higby — October 03, 2016

Braxton's quickie for the day...

To Anna: My husband got us the couple’s kit and I must tell you it has really raised the heat in our bedroom! He has always wanted sex more frequently than me. Now that we’ve learned how easy it is to milk his prostate, he can have it whenever he wants!

Before the kit, I never had sex on top. Now it’s my favorite position! This is because it’s a natural to stim my clit with the CurrentWand during intercourse. We start out with him using the wand on me. He goes back-and-forth all over the slit. At some point along the way, my clit demands all of the attention. That’s when I take control of the wand and finish the job! In this position, more often than not, I come before he does.

Let’s face the facts! For most of us women, intercourse offers no reward beyond being a receptacle for a penis. Stimming makes intercourse a pleasure for both of us. I hope I never have to return to the old way!

Anna: Well stated. Thanks for sharing!

Reviews: Deluxe Couple's E-Stim Kit

Link: https://higbystim.com/pages/reviews-deluxe-couples-e-stim-kit

Written by Braxton Higby — September 28, 2016

Braxton's quickie for the day...

To Anna: On my last gynecologist’s visit, she mentioned the possibility of using stim for “deep” kegels. What would be involved in performing a deep kegel and what’s the benefit?

Anna: Excellent question! Think of your pelvic floor muscles as an imaginary rope running front-to-back from the bladder to just above the anus. With “shallow” stim (think CurrentVagMini), you can easily strengthen the muscles that prevent either urinary or fecal incontinence. These muscles are located at either end of the rope.

The middle of the rope is more often associated with support of the abdominal organs. Prolapse can happen when this section weakens. Strengthening requires a deeper vaginal stim, as provided by the CurrentPrelude, CurrentQuad, and CurrentTriPole. A comprehensive approach to kegel stim would be to alternate between the deep and the shallow. Not surprisingly, a large portion of our female clientele rotates between all four of our vaginal electrodes.

Our Electrode Saver Packs save you money when you purchase multiple electrodes!

Anna's Guide To Vaginal Electrodes

Link: https://higbystim.com/pages/annas-guide-to-vaginal-electrodes

Written by Braxton Higby — September 27, 2016

Braxton's quickie for the day...

To Braxton: I have read your articles on coronal desensitization and they accurately describe my symptoms (slow orgasm, very little feeling around the penis head). So I used my TENS unit and a couple of pads. Frankly, it was not very effective! What did I do wrong?

Braxton: Prior to the onset of coronal desensitization, it’s safe to say that sexual stimulation was highly intense around the corona while the remainder of the penis generated relatively dull stimuli by comparison. Now it’s much closer to the truth to say that stimulation feels muted all over your penis!

Your orgasm is slow or even nonexistent because there’s insufficient intensity to put your brain in orgasm mode. What do pads bring to this party? Not very much! Now there’s a patch of more intense feeling somewhere on the penis, but what your brain needs for orgasm mode is that familiar “ring of fire” along the relatively narrow coronal ridge.

I designed a CurrentLoop to fit precisely along the coronal ridge…something that’s impossible for a pad! The result is a level of intensity that can be “pushed” well beyond ordinary sexual stimulation. Those higher levels are what you need to recover your orgasm!

Penis Stim Products And Topics

Link: https://higbystim.com/pages/penis-stim-products-and-topics

Written by Braxton Higby — September 24, 2016

Braxton's quickie for the day...

To Anna: My boyfriend is 8 and a half inches long when he’s hard. Even when he’s gentle and eases himself into me nice and slow, his penis eventually bumps something that leaves me with a mild feeling of nausea. This feeling continues for as much as 3 hours beyond sex.

My gynecologist tells me that we should learn to be happy with less than full penetration, which I fear could drive him away in search of a more fulfilling partner! We are perfect together except for this “little” problem. Is there anything that I could do with e-stim?

Anna: I would say there’s a good possibility that you are not fully aroused before he penetrates! After your first negative experience with his large penis, it’s easy to see how you might be so tense that your vagina fails to expand to its normal aroused length.

Your nausea is most likely caused by the head of his penis bumping your cervix (the entrance to your uterus). To his credit, he can’t be bumping very hard. If he were, you would discover that it can be a show-stopping event!

I recommend you try an e-stim “warm-up” session immediately prior to having sex. This will assist in relaxing your vagina, allowing it to attain the length you need to comfortably accommodate his penis.

Anna's Girl Talk: The Necessary Art Of Female Foreplay

Link: https://higbystim.com/pages/annas-girl-talk-the-necessary-art-of-female-foreplay

Written by Braxton Higby — September 23, 2016

Braxton's quickie for the day...

To Anna: I’m already aware of the fact that I can do kegel exercises by stimming the vagina or anal sphincter. Is it possible to accomplish the same while stimming the clitoris?

Anna: There’s no denying the fact that sexual e-stim triggers a sympathetic reaction in the kegel muscles. This holds true for both genders, but it’s not an involuntary action. Put another way, most of us squeeze during sex because it feels good. Contrast this with stimming the anal sphincter, which induces an involuntary contraction of the kegel muscles!

A possible strategy for you would be to have several sessions of clitoral stim, paying attention to how well you squeeze during the stim. Once each session is over, perform a few more squeezes to see if your kegel muscles feel fatigued. If they do, then you are most likely performing kegels while stimming your clitoris!

Anna's Girl Talk: Your Clitoris And How To Stim It

Link: https://higbystim.com/pages/annas-girl-talk-your-clitoris-and-how-to-stim-it

Written by Braxton Higby — September 22, 2016

Braxton's quickie for the day...

Email To Braxton: My wife had to have a hysterectomy about 3 years ago. Ever since then our sex life has gradually dwindled to the point of now being nonexistent. She readily admits that desire died with the surgery and her sexual participation has been driven by her sense of obligation to me.

Call me crazy, but I’ve reached the conclusion that further attempts at sex amount to something akin to marital rape...something I don’t want on my conscience! I wish to try sexual e-stim, but I have a reservation about this. I don’t want her to feel unwanted in any way! Will it be possible for me to somehow include her in the proceedings if she so wishes?

Braxton: I think you will find, given a creative imagination, she can still participate in any number of ways. I especially recommend the psychological / fantasy aspects of stimming. Case in point: the popular male fantasy of having an appointment with the “prostate nurse”!

As she becomes more accustomed to your stimming, there’s a good possibility she will be willing to give stimming a try. After all, it’s nowhere near as taxing as the physical travails of intercourse! Who knows? There just might be a powerful orgasm in her near future!

The Woman's Guide To Milking With E-Stim

Link: https://higbystim.com/pages/the-womans-guide-to-milking-with-e-stim

Written by Braxton Higby — September 21, 2016

Braxton's quickie for the day...

Email To Anna: Thank you for posting the article from the man who fantasized about giving his wife her first orgasm. It was just the inspiration I needed to act on my suspicions that my wife has always been “sexually polite” with me, hiding the reality that she’s yet to have her climax!

I took the plunge and got the woman’s kit. She’s always been open-minded about trying the occasional sex toy, so I didn’t anticipate any problems in surprising her with the kit. It took almost two weeks for the right opportunity to present itself. I “wired” her identically to what the article described. I cranked the power unit and raised the intensity to the point where everything felt good to her.

It only took about 20 minutes for her “nice girl” façade to crack. Her hips and legs were thrashing wildly. It looked for all the world as if she were in the throes of sex with an invisible man! And she was even talking dirty to him: something she’s never done before! It was the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen!

Finally, she came with a howl. Wave after wave of sexual tremors coursed through her. When it was over, she was reduced to a crumpled heap on our bed. I covered her up and gave her a peck on the forehead.

Anna: I’ve often said that the quiet moments can sometimes be the most sensual. Thank you for sharing what happened!

Clitoris Stim Products And Topics

Link: https://higbystim.com/pages/clitoris-stim-products-and-topics

Written by Braxton Higby — September 20, 2016

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