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Your TENS + Our Electrodes!

Anna's Girl Talk: Your Clitoris And How To Stim It

Anna's Guide To Vaginal Electrodes


What's wrong? Intercourse takes FOREVER!

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I want to order, but for personal reasons, I can’t possibly take delivery at home. Can you tell me any alternatives?

Our primary shipping carrier is UPS. They offer some very flexible alternatives to home delivery. FIND OUT MORE!

Why should I consider sexual e-stim?

Top Ten Reasons For Female Sexual E-Stim

Top Ten Reasons For Male Sexual E-Stim

Top Ten Reasons To Be A Stimming Couple

My CurrentWand Gave Me My First Orgasm Ever!

Stim For The Elderly: A Customer Testimonial

Stim To The Rescue! A Male Customer's Email

One Man's Quest For His Hands-Free Orgasm

I already own a TENS. Will your electrodes work with it?

Own A Power Box?

My clitoris is ALWAYS hidden!

My Hidden Clit: I Found It With E-Stim!

Can a girl get some guidance on selecting a vaginal electrode?

Anna's Guide To Vaginal Electrodes

I've never stimmed before. Can I try without spending a lot?

My First Stim Kit

E-Stim Starter Kits

Can e-stim make intercourse last longer?

Premature Ejaculation And E-Stim: Lose The Stopwatch!

Couples: Synchronize Your Orgasms With E-Stim!

What are some easy setups for sexual e-stim?

Your First E-Stim Orgasm!

Can e-stim boost my erection?

The Prostate Erection: Enjoy Your Prize!

Erectile Dysfunction: How I Whipped It With E-Stim!

I have painful period cramps. Can e-stim help?

Let E-Stim Tame Your Menstrual Cramps!

Help! My clitoris is shrinking!

Clitoral Atrophy: Fight Back And Win!

How can I quickly choose the kit that's right for me?

Easy Kit Selector

How To Shop Our Store

Show me all of your products!

Is your shipping discreet?

Is This Order A Secret?

Is there a way to stim discreetly?

Stimming While Dressed

What is a Kegel exercise?

Kegel Central

Will Kegel stim make me orgasm?

The Kegel Stim Paradox: Why There's No Orgasm

Where's the test for erection quality?

Erection Quality And E-Stim

My husband wants anal sex, but I'm worried it will hurt!

Anal Intercourse: E-Stim Is The Comfortable Way!

I want sex as much as ever, but my partner's slowing down. Can e-stim help?

One Wife's Take On Marriage, Masturbation, And Stimming

What can a senior do to remain sexually active?

Seniors: Recover Your Sexuality With E-Stim!

My prostate was removed. Can I still use e-stim?

Sexual E-Stim After A Removed Prostate

Can e-stim help to tighten a loose vagina?

15 Minutes To A Tighter Vagina!

Can a woman milk a man with e-stim?

Tips On Giving The Ultimate Prostate Milking

Prostate Milking: A Woman Takes Charge Of Her Man!

Milked Men: Emails From Milking Wives

Electric Sex Play: A Couple Shares Their Fun

Can I stim the prostate without having an orgasm?

Feeling Better With Prostate Massage

How does the orgasm differ from ordinary sex?

How Does E-Stim Feel?

A Case For The E-Stim Orgasm

The E-Stim Halo Effect

Can e-stim help a difficult or impossible orgasm?

Anorgasmia: The Female Epidemic

Advanced Genital Aging: Don't Be Passive!

Has Coronal Desensitization Killed Your Orgasm?

Is Your Clitoris A Wallflower?

Finding Your G-Spot With E-Stim

Sex after a removed prostate

What's the difference between e-stim and a vibrator or massager?

E-Stim: Sensually Superior To Vibrators And Massagers

I have a small penis. Will e-stim work for me?

CurrentLoops: The Superior Erotic E-Stim Experience

How does e-stim feel to a man?

It's a pure sensation, unlike any sex you've ever had before. We recommend a CurrentLoop, which you can also find in the E-Stim Starter Kit: CurrentLoop Edition and our ultimate stim kit, the Man's E-Stim Kit. Put the CurrentLoop on the corona (the ridge behind the head of your penis), and you will be stimming the entire circumference at one time. When you masturbate, do you produce pre-come? If that's the case, you can look forward to quite the show. Wherever you are on ejaculation quantity, stimming usually puts it in overdrive. Consider yourself warned that semen "rockets" can occur. On the other side of the coin, if you don't produce pre-come or semen, the stim still feels just as good. Speaking of feelings, it certainly bears mentioning that even if your eyes tell you that you have no erection, your mind is telling you that you do. Why? Stim is all about the virtual world created by the energy being pumped to the nerves. While you are stimming, your brain is living in this virtual world. Regardless of your "penis profile", you can be certain of one thing: by the time the orgasm arrives, your brain will be telling you this is the best erection you've ever had. So what does the orgasm feel like? You will usually feel the prostate growing more sensitive, and this feeling will progress up the penis slowly, in lockstep with the coming orgasm. At this point, a beginner will believe that this must be the orgasm. But it grinds on, with a greater and greater intensity. Finally you reach a point where you will declare that your penis is bursting at the seams, accompanied by no small amount of hyperventilation. Welcome to your stim orgasm.

Erection Quality And E-Stim

E-Stim And The Erectionally-Challenged Man

CurrentLoops: The Superior Erotic E-Stim Experience 

The Male Stimulation Triangle

A Male E-Stim Play-By-Play

How could the male experience be complete without talking about stimming the prostate? It is quite possibly a more intense stim than the penis. At minimum, if you are looking for the best orgasm that male stim has to offer, it would have to be a stimming combination of the penis and prostate. It's like the difference that a subwoofer brings to music. To the uninitiated, you simply will not believe what a throbbing prostate can add to your orgasm. To say the least, it carries ejaculations to a new trajectory. If you like receiving oral play, wait until you feel it while stimming the prostate. In fact, some men find that they last longer too. Check out Prostate Stimulation.

Go To Prostate Central

CurrentProMax: Your Solution For Prostate Milking and Massage

Prostate E-Stim For The First Time

Prostate Stimulation: The Male Restorative

Advanced Prostate Power E-Stim Methods

Foot Pain? It Might Be Your Prostate!

Prostate Orgasm: Truth Or Fiction?

E-Stim Adventures With Braxton's Advanced Prostate Kit

E-Stim And The Problematic Prostate

Take Control Of BPH With E-Stim!

Prostate Discomfort Makes A Poor Companion!

Of course, the kit that will put you on track for everything we've described here is the Man's E-Stim Kit.

Men, your prostate deserves the BEST: Braxton's Advanced Prostate Power E-Stim Kit

What is e-stim like for a woman?

First, there's the remarkable engorgement of the vulva (the external genitalia). It generates a warm and glowing feeling of fullness that throbs with your heartbeat. Lubrication appears in quantities you have seldom witnessed before. It's a highly erotic feeling for you. If you have a partner in attendance, the lubrication, combined with the full bloom of the vulva, will red-line the needle on their arousal meter. The stim will build in waves. Currently Aroused: Your Guide To Great E-Stim Orgasms coaches you on the mental routine you need to bring these waves to full potential. Because you control the intensity of the stim, you are the driver for your orgasm. Do you want something quick...or were you looking to fill an otherwise empty afternoon? Don't forget the fact that you can have multiples to your heart's content: orgasmic fatigue is slow to arrive. When the orgasm does arrive, you won't be ready for it, but it will be ready for you. Forget any attempt to remain in control...after all, it's about as pointless as attempting to swim out of a tsunami. It's like your favorite ride at the state fair. There's only one thing left to do when the ride is over: buy another ticket.

A Female Beginner's E-Stim Dilemma 

E-Stim And The Great Wall Of Female Orgasm 

Advanced Techniques For Female Orgasm Via E-Stim 

The Big Tease: Women And The Underpowered E-Stim Pad

The Sublime Pleasures of Vaginal E-Stim

E-Stim And The Dynamic Clitoris

E-Stim And The Overlooked Labia

The Mons: A Mound Of E-Stim Pleasure

Check out your options for Vaginal Stimulation and Clitoral Stimulation.

Choose the ultimate female stim: the Woman's E-Stim Kit.

What can e-stim do for menopause?

Menopause And The E-Stim Lifeline

How can e-stim improve ordinary sex? 

Enhanced Intercourse Via E-Stim

Erection Quality And E-Stim

Better Sex Health: The Secret Is Your Pelvic Floor 

Couples And Sexual E-Stim

Couples: Synchronize Your Orgasms With E-Stim!

Two can play! Deluxe Couple's E-Stim Kit


Is there a quick guide for electrodes and kits?

Easy Kit Selector

Electrode Guide

Electrode Showcase

Express Lane Kit Tour

Kit Guide

Connection Guide

Can I pick the electrodes I want in my kit?

Yes. Look at some Custom Kit Examples.

What are some popular ways to stim?

Here are our most popular products.

For more comprehensive information, check out the Guide To Our Products.

How long does it take to reach orgasm? 

Once you know the ropes, you can have a "quickie" in about 15 minutes. There is a tendency, however, to go for longer sessions, simply because it feels too good to stop. Multiple orgasms are easier with e-stim because there's usually not a fatigue factor.

How can I best prepare for my first stim?

Avoid These E-Stim Beginner Mistakes!

How To Improve Your E-Stim Orgasm

Ten Invaluable Tips For Sexual E-Stim

Can a couple have sex while stimming? 

Yes, check out our page for couples.

Enhanced Intercourse Via E-Stim

Can e-stim help with vaginal complications like painful intercourse?

Recovering From The Side Effects Of Hormonal Birth Control

Vaginal / Vulvar Health And E-Stim

My partner can no longer have sex. Can e-stim help?

E-Stim And The Sexually Deficient Relationship

Does e-stim require the use of a vaginal or anal electrode?

Many beginners start out with only sticky pads. That's why we offer Braxton's Basic E-Stim Kit

Bundle Deals!!!

How To Use Pads For Sexual E-Stim 

What does "ghost intercourse" mean?

This is a phenomenon which takes place when using a vaginal or anal electrode. The term originates from an honest description of how the stim feels while contractions occur near the vaginal or anal sphincter (the entrance). In order to make this happen, be generous with power box intensity. When the power is strong enough, it is possible to see the electrode move, due to the strength of the contractions.

Within our product line, the CurrentVagMini is the best "ghost intercourse" candidate for both men and women. This is because the CurrentVagMini is also an ideal electrode for stimming the anal sphincter. The unique design of the CurrentVagMini permits an excellent stim of the sphincter muscles for both the vaginal and anal canals.

Men will be pleasantly surprised at the degree to which this can enhance the male orgasm.

For the ladies, a popular option is anal. Why? It affords the opportunity for fantastic stimulation during vaginal intercourse! There's nothing like having the "ghost" and the real thing at the same time.

Can stimming be used to provide a woman more foreplay? 

Is it really a secret to anyone on this planet that most women are not "instant-on" when it comes to physical arousal? The evidence would indicate there are still a few partners out there who are foreplay-challenged, thus leaving their mate behind in The Great Race To Orgasm. Stimming is a wonderful option for this problem. Where is it written that stimming can only be used with an orgasmic conclusion in mind? Whether you choose to adopt stimming as part of your mutual foreplay, or opt for a solo warm-up session instead, just consider the potential problems that can be resolved. You will be assured of good vaginal lubrication, and you get to decide how high on the physical arousal meter you want to go, prior to switching over to ordinary sex. Stimming can truly help to level the sexual playing field. After a stimming warm-up, you may even find your orgasm happens before his! If you're feeling magnanimous, you can congratulate your partner on an improved technique!

My erection is no longer reliable. Will e-stim still work?

E-stim will work for anyone who can feel changes in the intensity of the signal. A man can remain soft throughout the session and it will not impede the orgasm. As already pointed out, even without the erection, you will have the feeling of an erection anyway. Just slide a CurrentLoop (or two) on your penis, plug in the power, and you are ready for e-stim.

Erectile Dysfunction: Greener Pastures Await!

I want to try a vaginal electrode. Is it very large?

A beginner's electrode is typically one inch in diameter and less than four inches in length. The average human penis is one and a half inches in diameter and five to six inches in length. The bottom line: the electrode is much less of a challenge. For the ultimate in a comfortable fit, consider our CurrentVagMini Vaginal Stimulator, which requires only two inches of insertion, yet delivers wonderful vaginal contractions (the secret of the female orgasm).

I'm having trouble reaching the prostate. Can e-stim help with this?

This is an aspect of massage / milking where e-stim has a distinct advantage over manual methods. It is not common knowledge, but the prostate can be anywhere from 2 to 5 inches inside the anal canal. Take a ruler and measure your finger. It is the rare individual who has 5 inches of insertable finger, with the further complication that your finger needs to "crook" enough to perform the massage. Even if you can reach it, it is far more fatiguing to massage at greater lengths. With e-stim, this whole process becomes child's play. Our CurrentProMax Prostate Stimulator has the full 5 inches that will meet the requirements for every man. Even better, it has a smaller diameter than the average adult index finger: in other words, a man will feel less intrusion from the CurrentProMax than he will from a manual massage.

CurrentProMax: Your Solution For Prostate Milking and Massage

If I stim only the prostate, should I expect a huge orgasm?

First, let's mention the two major forms of prostate stim: massage and milking. With massage, there are two possible objectives...you can do it for soothing, temporary relief of prostate discomfort, or you seek an augmentation of the male orgasm. With milking, you are seeking expulsion of prostatic fluid, not necessarily with an orgasmic conclusion. A lot of men have trouble understanding the pleasure of milking without orgasm. As is true of so many aspects of stimming, don't rule it out until you've tried it.

As pointed out in Currently Aroused: Your Guide To Great E-Stim Orgasms, the Pre-Orgasm feels almost as good as the Orgasm, especially where the prostate is involved. Don't be surprised if you find yourself not even caring about the orgasm...so long as you can stay in the virtual world of Pre-Orgasm!

If a mega-orgasm is your primary objective (and it's a good one), then don't forget the penis. Here's a recipe for a GREAT orgasm: put a CurrentLoop on the corona (the ridge behind the head of the penis) and combine it with one pole of a prostate stimulator (Prostate Stimulation). Warning: this configuration sometimes provides a tremendous boost to ejaculatory contractions, so be prepared for ropes of semen. Please note, the Man's E-Stim Kit has everything you would need, in one convenient package. 

Men, your prostate deserves the BEST: Braxton's Advanced Prostate Power E-Stim Kit 

Is it OK to use a vaginal electrode after intercourse, or during my period?

Stim to your heart's content on both counts.

After intercourse, assuming there's semen, the conductivity of the vaginal environment actually improves, due to semen's high zinc content. Many women use stim as a post-intercourse option for achieving their orgasm. If you are among those who have found that intercourse alone does not take you all of the way, stimming after intercourse makes good sense. It can easily be part of a couple's bedroom agenda. Just communicate to your partner how they can participate in your stim.

Many women encounter vaginal dryness toward the end of their period: a complication that is easily mitigated by using ample lube. There can be a hormonal surge during menstruation, which only adds to the intensity of the stim orgasm.

We are interested in prostate stim, but my husband refuses to try an anal electrode. Is there an alternative?

Yes, Currently Aroused: Your Guide To Great E-Stim Orgasms tells you how, but before you close the door on any thought of an anal electrode, you should look at the CurrentProMax Prostate Stimulator we've packed into the Man's E-Stim Kit. It's smaller than the diameter of the average adult index finger. If your husband has no objection to manual prostate massage, then he will feel less of an intrusion with our electrode.

CurrentProMax: Your Solution For Prostate Milking and Massage 

I'm ready for something different. How can I give my stim a new feel?

Maybe it's time to explore an “off” location: a non-sexual placement that offers neural efficiency for the current. You always want to use a large sticky pad in the “off” location. This is to assure that the current will feel more intense to your genitals.

When you use an “off” location, you will feel additional internal stimulations that simply must be experienced to be appreciated.

Male example: Use a small sticky pad on the glans and a large sticky pad where the sacral nerve intersects the spine (top of the butt crack, just to either side of the spine). If you own a CurrentLoop, use it on the corona (the ridge behind the head of your penis) and skip the small sticky pad.

Female example: Pinch a small sticky pad onto the clitoris. Apply a large sticky pad to the top of your inside ankle (either leg). Acupuncturists identify this location as SP6. If your power box lead wire is too short, try the sacral nerve location instead. Should you own either CurrentClips or a CurrentCup, use one on the clitoris and skip the small sticky pad. CurrentClips and the CurrentCup are part of the CurrentFemme Clitoral Collection,

The "off" locations in these examples will work equally well for vaginal, anal, scrotal, or prostate stim.

Serious Sexual E-Stim Takes More Than Pads!

Electrode Renegades: Our Customers Report

My orgasm definitely comes from the clitoris. What's the best way to stim the clitoris?

For women with a high-profile clitoris (i.e. a substantial segment of the shaft is external, usually permitting the clitoris to poke through the labia), there are two effective options. First, there’s the CurrentLoop, which can be cinched around the shaft. Second, there’s the CurrentClip, which clamps to the shaft. With either electrode, connect it to a sticky pad on the sacral nerve for a delightful stim.

An alternative solution for women whose clitoris plays a game of hide-and-seek is the CurrentCup, which is a small suction cup that surrounds the clitoris. For those who enjoy longer stims, just tuck it inside the labia majora…it’s so lightweight that the pressure from the labia will usually hold it in place. Sacral nerve connection is fine for this one too.

At last, there’s the solution that will work for every woman, regardless of clitoral profile: the CurrentWand. This is a handheld bipolar device that you can rub all over the clitoris and labia. Not only are you getting a good stim, but you enjoy the additional satisfaction that the rubbing motion provides.

The CurrentClip, CurrentCup, and CurrentWand are packaged as a set in the CurrentFemme Clitoral Collection, to be found along with the CurrentLoop in Electrodes.

If you also own the CurrentVagMini Vaginal Stimulator, you have the option of linking it to either the CurrentClip, or CurrentCup for a fantastic clitoris-to-vagina stim that will definitely leave you smiling. Everything you need for clitoris-to-vagina stim is available in our finest kit, the Woman's E-Stim Kit.

Aside from the orgasm, does e-stim offer any benefits? 

As we age, anything we can do to improve pelvic floor health brings benefits to our senior years. Can you think of a more enjoyable means to better pelvic floor health? For men, eliminating old semen is a very good thing for keeping a healthy prostate.

What are the technical specifications for your power box?

Power Box Technical Specifications

Has e-stim been used  for pelvic floor issues before?

E-stim is a highly effective treatment for interstitial cystitis and other bladder ailments. The CurrentVagMini Vaginal Stimulator is designed for clinical use, and is considered the gold standard of pelvic floor electrotherapy. NEXT PAGE

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